Poll Worker Volunteer Form

You must be registered to vote in Hamilton County be a poll worker in Hamilton County.  You must remain at the polling site from open until all tallying is done and you have signed off on the required reports.  If you are assigned to a polling place other than your home precinct, you will need to vote absentee or early.  See the early voting page for details.

The position of Inspector is required to:  1.  Sets up the polling location the day before the election.  2.  Is in charge of the polling site.  3.  After 6 pm, they are responsible for completing all the forms and taking them to the courthouse with the Democrat Judge.

The position of Judge prepares the voting machine prior to each voter casting their ballot.  This position requires frequent standing and walking.

The position of Clerk confirms the voter is in the correct position and assists them in registering in the electronic poll book.  This position will be required to use the new poll book software on a tablet.  This system will assist with tabulation at the end of the evening and speed up the closing of the polling location.


Poll workers

Form for poll worker volunteers
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