Hamilton County GOP

The Hamilton County Republican Party is the largest Political Party Organization inside Hamilton County.  Named as the 5th most Conservative Friendly County in America by DailyCaller.com, Hamilton County includes Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, and Westfield.  The HCRP’s main mission is to identify potential candidates and elect Republicans to all offices inside Hamilton County as well as the 5th Congressional District and Statewide.  As a Republican stronghold in Indiana and the Midwest, we work to ensure our candidates’ continued success at the local level and push to help elevate candidates throughout Indiana by delivering strong vote margins through a strong, organized grassroots program.

HCRP Central Committee:
Chairman – Laura Campbell
Vice Chairman – Terry Anker
Secretary – Kim Good
Treasurer – Raju Chinthala

HCRP Staff:
Executive Assistant – Adrienne Rogers