Guest Names for Event

To submit your Guest Names, please complete the form below.  If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call the office at 317-849-9600.  Any changes to your list after 4:00 pm on the night before the event will not be received since staff will not be in the office on the day of the event.  Please discuss changes with Hamilton County Republican Party Staff at the venue.  Thank you!

2019 Lincoln Day Dinner

  • Platinum Sponsor:  8 VIP & Event Tickets ($2500)
  • Gold Sponsor: 4 VIP & Event Tickets ($1500)
  • Silver Sponsor: VIP & Event Tickets ($1000)
  • Individual VIP: 1 VIP & Event Ticket ($200) ($210 if after 3/1)
  • Individual: 1 Event Only Ticket ($50) ($60 if after 3/1)


Guest Names