D. Lee Buckingham II


Prosecuting Attorney for the 24th Judicial Circuit of Indiana


Lee Buckingham serves as the Prosecuting Attorney for the 24th Judicial Circuit of Indiana, which covers all of Hamilton County.

Lee is a graduate of Indiana University School of Law in Indianapolis and completed his undergraduate degree at Loyola University of Chicago where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and obtained minors in Philosophy and Theology.

Lee served as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in Hamilton County for 16 years before being elected as the Prosecuting Attorney in November of 2010. Lee took office on January 1, 2011.

Since taking office Lee has instituted significant changes in the structure and operation of the office to increase the quality and efficiency of the office and help ensure that serious crimes receive the time and resources necessary for successful prosecution. He has also fostered significant improvements in the working relationship between the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and ¬†law enforcement agencies within the county.

In 2012 Lee instituted the significant change of taking the entire office paperless. While going truly paperless is a process, the bulk of all files created since 2013 are being maintained in an electronic case management system rather than the traditional paper and folder format that has existed throughout the history of the office.

Lee continues to strive for ways to improve the way that the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office operates in order to deal with the continued fast paced growth that Hamilton County is experiencing. Regardless of the ever hanging landscape, Lee is always mindful of the need to make sure that justice and the integrity of the Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office remain his paramount goal and objective.